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64 Zoo Lane is based on a paper-mâché model of Georgina the Giraffe created in 1993 by Belgian author & illustrator An Vrombaut. The animated children's TV series is a hand drawn 2D creation produced by Millimages; earnest work then followed in 1998 where it debuted two years later on the BBC's CBeebies in 2000. Animation was done in England, Scotland, France, the Ukraine and Romania. The show is targeted toward preschool aged children and introduces social and emotional issues such as friendship and responsibility along with animals and places around the world. Peculiarly the popular children's book series followed the television series totaling 52 episodes of 11 minute segments.

Lucy is voiced by Ciara Janson, an actress from the British soap opera Hollyoaks. There is however a Gaelic version shown on BBC Two Scotland produced by BBC Alba where the theme is sung in Gaelic titled Rathad An Sutha.

Trivia: Vrombaut uses baby names to match the personalities of her characters including making up some creative names such as Snowbert the Polar Bear. Vrombaut had many animals and pets growing up and her idea was inspired by the Antwerp Zoo in Belgium. Originally Vrombaut's niece wanted to call the giraffe George which was later changed to Georgina. Feel free to look around a bit.

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